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Aimee's Massage Q & A 

If you’re getting a massage for the first time and aren’t quite sure what to expect, here are some answers covering some common questions.

Q: Should I arrive early for my session?

Aimee: It’s best to arrive on time or up to 5 minutes early.  I may have sessions before and/or after your session, so arriving on time ensures that you receive the full amount of time for your massage, and also that everything will be fully prepared for you.

Q: Am I supposed to completely undress for the massage?

Aimee: That's really up to you and your comfort level. While most of my clients fully disrobe, many choose to leave on their underwear, and a few choose to remain clothed.  You will have privacy to disrobe if you choose to do so.  Also, you will be fully covered by the drape at all times, with the exception of the area of the body where I am massaging.  There are some limits as far as modalities I am able to offer to someone who remains fully clothed, but my priority is to offer a wonderful massage at your comfort level.

Q: Should I make conversation during the massage session?

Aimee: Only if that is what helps you to best relax.  Most of my clients seem to close their eyes and some even doze off, if the main goal of the session is for relaxation.  Some find that chatting during the massage helps them let go of more stress.  I encourage you to do what comes naturally and feels best to you, and I will take your lead.

If the goal for your session is deep tissue or injury treatment, I will be checking in as needed to ensure that the pressure does not exceed your comfort/tolerance level.

Q: The pressure or something else during the massage is uncomfortable, but I don’t want to say anything since it might be offensive.  What should I do?

Aimee:  Please do say something. I strongly encourage clients to be outspoken about all of their preferences during massage sessions.  The session is yours, and my goal is to make it thoroughly enjoyable for you.  Keep in mind that it is a myth that massage must be painful to be effective; research shows that too much pressure can be more harmful than helpful during massage treatments.

Be sure to say something if, among other things:
-You’re feeling too hot or cold
-You prefer more or less pressure
-You forgot to mention something during the intake
-You have any questions about the massage
-You prefer different or no music to be played

Q: What payment methods are accepted?  Should I tip?

Aimee:  I accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards.  Tips are never anticipated, but always appreciated.